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Finding your Soul in Nature
 Voice of Sedona
Listen - Learn from Nature.

Robin James

Through our relationship with nature are antidotes for those who feel a sense of isolation and disconnection from their true nature and nature herself.
Is one way to know nature - it's a beginning.  It is like knowing facts about something or someone before you actually meet them. Useful, but ultimately it's only an introduction.
If science is the introduction, spirit is the actual meeting; deepening to form a relationship.  Perception moves from the mind to the heart. 
Atlantic University
  1. Guided HIkes - Soulhikes
    Voice of Sedona Hikes are focused on forming a deeper connection with the natural environment and ourselves. They combine an informational, science-based component with an experiential and philosophical one.
  2. In conjunction with the Sedona Philosophy Experience (SPEX). First up is our Aug 31st through Sept 2nd weekend "Finding your Soul in Nature" retreat, which will take place at Red Rock State Park. Click SPEX link above for more information
  3. Online Courses
    Available through Atlantic University: - Religion, Spirituality and the Transpersonal - Science and Spirituality


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Sedona Nature Guidebook

How to identify and relate to Sedona's nature


The Four Thoughts that Separate Us
  • I'm special
  • I know
  • What is true is only what can be proven
  • My thoughts are my own (I'm not natural)
The Four Antidotes
  • Consciousness is everywhere
  • Mystery
  • Wonder
  • I'm natural - my thoughts are part of nature
A guidebook with a difference.  There's what we see: the landscape around Sedona has a unique community of plants and animals.  Who are the individuals making up this community?  How do they interact to make an ecosystem with such a special character? 
There's what we don't see: the unseen world takes us deeper into connection with this landscape.  It is a world of communication both physical, biological, chemical and spiritual.