Voice of Sedona Hikes and Retreats
Finding your Soul in Nature

Nature Speaks

Essence to essence

“This work is leading a much needed change in the way the world and nature is experienced – it is a breakthrough experience.” –Workshop participant

Our Programs

Going out to go in
  1. Guided Hikes
    On a Voice of Sedona Hike we bring together the eye of science - knowing about the surrounding plants, rocks and animals - and the eye of the heart to experience a deeper connection with nature.The objective is to hear nature speak to us and to know ourselves and it in a very different light.
  2. Retreats
    Taking place at Red Rock State Park, these weekend programs are designed to explore our true relationship with nature, and to discover something of who we really are. The first retreat, Aug 31st through Sept 2nd, is called "Finding your Soul in Nature."
  3. Philosophy Hikes
    The Sedona Philosophy Experience (SPEX) offers hikes that foster deep conversations while out in nature - a chance to put our lives in perspective, consider the big questions and connect with nature. Bringing together spirit, body and mind, these hikes a truly an experience that deepens our relationship with ourselves.
  4. Online Courses
    I teach online courses at Atlantic University. These courses are open to the public to take as part of a certificate program or simply as continuing education. - Science and Spirituality (TP5110 - Religion, Spirituality and the Transpersonal (TP5050)
SPEX Retreat
“Robin put so much research and so much of himself into developing this truly transformative experience.” –Workshop participant
Atlantic University courses

“The shifts in worldview you shared, and our dialogue about them, caused
me to experience nature differently than I otherwise would have."
  –Workshop participant